Uriy Parfenov 


PARFENOV URIY. He has issued the audio album with the songs for the children ‘ The Adventure of Gazuni and Zaguli’. And three similar albums (‘The Journey of Gazuni and Zaguli’,"The Big Journey of Gazuni and Zaguli" and ‘The Elephant and the Spider’) have prepared yet. There is the material for album of author’s romances. The albums of the children’s songs are only part of the original projects with the same titles every of them represents:

a) The book version (80p., form A4, 30 color pictures) fairy tale with (possible) note’s application ( + 10-15p) and with application of the audio cassette.
b) Scenario for the anima film.
c) Musical.
d) Materials for children show (including unprofessional school, kitchen garden, children camp groups etc., examples were).
e) Materials for mapet show.

Uriy as an artist took part in the exhibition ‘Peterburg-93’ and other. There is the main collection in the ‘Andrey’s Club’. He would like to collaborate with investors or sponsors.

Participation in the "Petersburg's Radio", the festivals of the Russian poetry in the Pushkin’s Hous-Musium. The schools, the kindergartens and the summer camps sing the songs, play the musicals and organize creative meeting. Member of the St.-Petersburg’s Center "Theatre and School" (Tel. 312-51-36). Collaboration with the theatre "Burzachilo", the publishers such of "Litsay", "Samovar", "Trigon" ect. TEL. 246-66-11 FAX. 232-90-94


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