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"BackUp" . This group exists about a year, they have demo-tapes and demo CD's (4 songs). They sing in english , popular rock songs of 70-s and 80-s . The leader of group (vocal) is Andrey Mayevsky There are 4 other experienced musicians : Vladimir Savinok - keyboards. Dmitry Evdomaha - drums. Vadim Sergeev - guitar. Vladimir Vasiliev - bass guitar. These musicians played with such russian stars "Zemlyane", Stas Namin, "S-Petersburg" etc. They played at pop-music festival "Nevskye golosa" 1997(Neva voices) and took second prize , they had 2 succesful tours in Finland (12 gigs), for example they played in Oulu in clubs "45 special" "Wernery" , in "Old brick's Inn " in Juvyaskula etc.Here they play in clubs . Their program consist from differnet popular traditional songs of 1960s-1980s and some original songs , it lasts 3 hours. Their recordings sounds on Radio 101 FM , Radio 107 FM .Their style is pop-rock.


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