"Oedipus Complex"

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The name of another is "Oedipus Complex" : this group exists about a 6 years, they have tape and CD "Egoism" (all songs original , all songs in english)published by russian Triarios label ,4000 copies , all were sold. Their songs also have been included in CD's "Best songs of Radio Maximum" ," Aquarium presents" . They were best young rock group in 1993 of S-Petersburg according to "Rock-Fuzz" magazine .They took part in rock festival in Sopot ,Poland.The english company "Talent Scout" included their song into the tape"best non-published english songs " in June of 1997 . The leader of group (vocal, flute) is Jan Nikolenko (24) Michael Hait - bass. Andrey Strigocky - drums. Vladimir Kolyada - guitar. Igor Kononov - keyboards. Their program consists from original songs , it lasts 1 hour 20 minutes. Their recordings sounds on Radio Nostalgie FM ,Europe+ FM ,Radio 101 FM , Radio 107 FM, Radio "Maximum" .They have videoclip which you can see daily on 22 TV in S-Petersburg and MusTV in Moscow. Their style is brit-pop.


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